Design Patterns book

How many design patterns do you know?

How do you implement Observer?

What Java class has been implemented with Decorator pattern?

Every interview was starting with these questions. How many design patterns I don’t know? I read the book, I knew every single coming from Group of Four. Heck, I had these patterns taught in the University!

Are they used now, anyway?

Well, my personal perspective says: not really. There are not many patterns here, these questions are not even asked anymore. That’s might be right or wrong - we know that many cognitive biases are influencing our judgement.

Let’s do the Google Trends then:

Design Patterns Google Trend

It looks like the trend is going down over time. Is it sad? Are we just done with “reusable” code? I am looking forward to read your opinion.

But are we really not using design patterns? Let’s do the poll:

Click to enter the poll.

I really appreciate to submit your answers! I hope we will make around 100 responses and I will summarise results in the next post!

Stay tuned!