Hi there,

I am Dawid Pura - a software engineer, a father of four cats, a homebrewer. I am already working for 5+ years in the software industry - being successful in big and small companies: healthcare startups, insurance, airlines and one of the biggest bank in the world. Currently, I am participating in the development of the most popular products on Earth. I earn for living by writing high-quality code, making it useful for business and consulting already implemented solutions for further maintenance.

But I think I can do much more - teach other programmers how to be more successful in their careers.

So, if you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • how can you earn more money for work you are doing?
  • how can you be happy at work even when maintaining some legacy code?
  • will technology, which you are expert in, going to give you more profit in the next years?
  • how can you keep programming a passion for years?
  • how can you boost the career up?
  • how can you have more value and impact than other people do?
  • is the software engineering market going to crash soon?

… we are on the same page. These questions are chasing me all the time. Don’t worry though - I am going to share my answers with you!

There are gazillions of software engineers out there. Most of them are just using the rise of the market in an average way: asking for a rise from time to time, waiting for the next market growth. They are not going to change their lives in order to invest more than they have to. But not you and me - we are going to rule the World. We invest our best time in order to be better programmers and people. It’s our time. We are going to learn the right things, improve our craft and become the top 1% of the programmers before the software engineering market will go down.

Imagine a 15 years-old guy is telling his mom he is going to be a software developer one day. That was me. Imagine that she told me:

Oh, no, you are going to be a poor guy sitting somewhere in a basement and eating pizza…

These days it was true. Programmers were doing shitty work after dot com bubble after 2000 in Poland. Essentially, a one could find a job in a post office, using their skills to fix computers or writing macros for Microsoft tools.

Well, it didn’t end up that way - yet. I have started my career when it wasn’t cool yet back then and still, I was spending all my free time to learn even more.

Many people are still asking me if I am fixing computers - after all these years, they see me travelling to London or other cities, having discussions about software delivery and doing world-wide businesses they still ask the question:

Since you are the computer expert, will you reinstall my Windows one day?

The funny thing is: I can do it, but probably I could even build an atomic bomb if a tutorial on Youtube was available. Yes, most software engineers are that smart!

I am going to speed up us a little by writing blog posts and publishing things that you and I need to know: books we have to read, technologies we need to play with and concepts we need to include in our projects. Stay tuned and sharp - let’s make this market harder :).

The next steps for you:

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