• I have overwritten a file in an ext filesystem. What now?

    Car crash

    I was preparing to write a small analysis of my first Code Kata exercise, created a run script for it and:

    mv run.sh /binary_search/1/binary.groovy


    It wasn’t versioned yet!

    So essentially I have overwritten the entire file I was working on yesterday! That was 15 minutes of work, but recreate the same code without afterthoughts I have done already in my would be almost impossible!

    I was pissed off. My gf was like “you have to write it once again, not a big deal”. I googled “how to undelete a file in linux”. It wasn’t a recipe that I was looking for - it was only about files that were just removed, not overwritten.

    There is a solution though.

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  • Why Vim?

    Vim logo

    Have you ever thought why people are using Vim at work? The answer is easy: for money, of course!

    How come? Well, this is pretty simple. Now I am going to connect all of the dots for you.

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  • Should you replace Spring framework with libraries today?


    Spring is not the only solution for building web-based applications. There are few alternatives to functions it’s delivering.

    Spring is a heart of many web (but not only) projects. Most programmers are like “start.spring.io is the only place where I kick off every project”. Telling them they could work without it will end up with bruises and a loose tooth.

    But it’s not about why Spring is wrong. Is there any alternative to it? Why we love it so much that nothing is good enough to use? Maciej Próchniak presented yesterday at Confitura conference few alternatives to the most used framework in the Web world. It is not a surprise since Maciej is a big fan of OSGi and he mentioned it multiple times in previous talks. I was really looking forward to his talk this year and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

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  • Will robots replace programmers?

    Archer by Adam Reed

    The short answer is yes and no. But why is that?

    There is the essence that cannot be automated in any way. It is a specific part of human nature: the intention. On the other hand, there are few things endangered.

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  • What are agencies doing wrong?

    Archer by Adam Reed

    Agencies. They are everywhere. If you have a Linkedin account you know exactly what I am talking about. My incoming box reminds me of Monty Python’s sketch. I get plenty offers daily. Usually they are about working for companies that are looking for specific client and project, lol.

    The existence of agencies is not bad at all. In fact, they might be really good places to work, allowing specialist to do what he or she love to and securing job position even for a years with many end-customers. In that case margin agency earns is completely fair for both sides (worker and agency).

    What is the bad agency then? How is it happening that people are unhappy with job they have got? I can generalise few things that I have experienced already. I hope that after reading this small blog post you would be able to recognise patterns below and reject bad offers. Most of senior developers are already familiar with these, although this might save years of shame for inexperienced programmers. Wish you nice reading! :)

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  • Unit tests that piss me off


    First of all - I am not against writing tests or doing TDD. This might be misinterpreted and Uncle Bob and his TDD approach will come here and smash my face. I can’t understand effort put in writing useless tests. This post presents only my personal opinion and if you are writing exactly that type of tests you can rethink those or simply disagree. Having different opinion is not a crime. In both directions.

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  • How software engineers are spoiling your project?

    Happy developer sitting in front of a computer

    If you run an IT project, you probably familiar with failures. This happen so often that people are asking the same question “everything was alright all the time, project was heading in a proper direction and suddenly everything crashed”. Mostly because funds wore off. Usually no one is thinking about developers that made a mistake. Nevertheless they are driving this project, in fact, they are the muscles.

    The truth is they tend to make a mistake. A nasty one - that can cause soon and unexpected failure. Let’s find out what is it.

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